INSTRUMENTATION: percussion trio. Perc. 1: bass drum, hi-hat, stones, metal bowl with crumpled aluminium cans, 2 metal bars, harmonica, cassette player. Perc. 2: medium tom, temple block, A4 paper, bamboo wind chimes, glass vase, crotales, dried hay, flexatone, washboard. Perc. 3: low tom, maracas, sand paper blocks, kalimba, glass vase, glcokenspiel, bamboo wind chimes



PREMIERE: AC Institute, New York on October 22:nd 2011 by Timetable Percussion

COMMISSION: Musik i Väst/Spectra percussion trio

ABOUT: The atmospheres and the timbres in the piece are closely linked to the poetry of Swedish poet Bengt Emil Johnson. The music and the instrumentation are reflecting some scenes from the texts that suggest an outdoor surrounding close to the nature. The stones, dry grass, glass vases and bamboo chimes represent the crackling and fragile autumn sound world, but appearing musically with gradually intensifying energy in pulsating crescendo processes. As a contrast the cassette tape player, the harmonica and the kalimba create atmospheres of nostalgia and fragments of lost memories.