In Malin Bång’s music, multifaceted urban atmospheres penetrate through compositional structures in a seamless synergy of traditional instruments and everyday found objects, her works revealing themselves as aural field studies of urban modernity.
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Malin Bång is the founding member of Curious Chamber Players and Faint Noise, active both as composer and performer of acoustic objects.


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“I am striving for a balance between the idea of the intimate and fragile and the rough and expressive, in musical actions that often have a strong human, physical connection.“


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Her curiosity provides fuel for the most vital element of her music, the generation and sustaining of energy, often through movement and intensified friction.



structures of light and spruce

structures of light and spruce, the portrait CD with five of Malin Bång’s chamber works, is released by NEOS and with stunning performances by Curious Chamber Players, Umeduo and Karin Hellqvist, masterly recorded and mixed by Linus Andersson and Tomas Hulenvik at Element Studios.

structures of light and spruce has been awarded the “Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik – Bestenliste 4/2018”.

ongoing works

Shinai Hara for string orchestra and dance, in collaboration with choreographer Noah Hellwig, is based on the movement patterns in the martial arts kendo and aikido. Premiere tour with Musica Vitae in southern Sweden in November 2019.

Three tunnels in Norway, chosen by the percussionists in Pinquins, generate the sound world and the performance tools for underpassing – a new percussion trio with Swedish premieres on October 24th in Göteborg and on November 23rd in Stockholm.

A new work for Gageego is focusing on the acoustics of childhood. How does one’s surrounding sound world while growing up infuse modes of composing and choices of acoustic reliefs? Malin Bång revisits Sävedalen, in the midst of the highway and railway noise, the ice cream factory fan air flow and the compact steam of the garbage station.

seminars and workshops

Malin Bång is senior lecturer in composition at Gothenburg Academy of Music and Drama
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November 29th: CCP Composition workshop – HSM, Göteborg

October 25th – 26th: Performance workshop with Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble

October 24th: Composition Seminar and Masterclass at Royal Conservatory, Ghent

October 1st: Reflective Artist Series – seminar and workshop at HSM, Göteborg

September 27th: Seminar on the work Bloomers at Encounters Film Festival, Bristol

August 4th – 11th: Kalv Composition Academy