INSTRUMENTATION: mixed choir, 3 solo voices, percussion trio



PREMIERE: September 27th 2009, in Forshälla kyrka, Ljugskile, Sweden, by Mölndals Kammarkör, Spectra percussion trio and conductor Gunno Palmqvist.

COMMISSION: Musik i Väst

ABOUT: the starting point of the composition process was my choice of text fragments from several different compilations by Swedish poet Bengt Emil Johnson. I choose the texts in order to create a collage made up by texts representing contrasting characters. There are descriptive moments, a narrative full of sound related images and a dialogue between two persons in a gradually intensifying course of events. The topic of memory reappears in several texts, describing how our experiences from long ago influence our life and create a reality full of nuances.

The scenes suggest an outdoor surrounding close to the nature, which is constantly reflecting the shifting atmospheres during the course of events. There are dry autumn leaves and crackling, stiff grass, and at other times a forest glade in the summer sunshine with a faint breeze through the trees.

The music has developed into a mix of performance, drama, hörspiel and concert music where soft and fragile sounds are contrasted by the dynamic and pulsating crescendo processes.