INSTRUMENTATION: mixed choir 16 voices: soprano, alto, tenor, bass, all divided in 4 voices, 1 percussionist



PREMIERE: December 1st, 2018 at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm by Radiokören, conducted by Fredrik Malmberg, percussionist Mika Takehara

COMMISSION: Sveriges Radio

ABOUT: it is already 13 000 years since the origin of the ritual martial arts kendo and aikido, and it is interesting to see how important these sports still are for people all over the world. In the chaotic reality of today with excess information and diffused impressions these non-compromising sports offer a healthy contrast by training and developing our focus. My starting points are the strong intensity that is present both in the vibrating stillness just before the game starts, and during the sudden cascades of motion in the duels, exposing the complete presence and rapid response capacity of the two players.

Kendo derives from the samurais’ custom of fighting with swords, and is nowadays performed with long bamboo sticks (shinais). The tip of the stick touches with great precision a few specific spots on the body to score.

Aikido is a newer martial arts bordering to choreography. It manifests a peaceful self-defence using only hands, and by involving in the energy and direction of the adversary it is possible to disarm this person and avoid further attacks.

PUBLISHER: Swedish Music Information Centre