INSTRUMENTATION: six voices of any combination



PREMIERE: August 1st, 2008 at Sumida Triphony Hall in Tokyo,by Madrigirls and conductor Takashi Hatsugai

COMMISSION: Nouvo Virtuoso, Tokyo

ABOUT: in Sweden there are many local ”slam poetry” scenes, where anyone who dares can participate and perform their texts live. In a slam poetry compilation I found six poems, which each presents an intricate portrait of a woman. The characters are all very different, from young girls to older women, and their temperaments are at the same time curious, angry, passionate, daring, hopeful and sad. They are struggling with different issues in their lives such as secretly rebelling against society, being desperately and unhappily in love, or trying to get appreciation for their true personality. Each voice in the composition represents a poetry character in an imaginary encounter with the other characters. They are making strong individual statements, discussing intensively in groups, completely disagreeing with each other, making kind and supportive comments and sharing secrets.

PUBLISHER: Swedish Music Information Centre