PREMIERE: world premiere recording on March 6th, 2023 at Maison de Radio France, Paris

COMMISSION: Radio France

ABOUT: Our everyday life is rapidly accelerating into a digital existence, with highly commercialized platforms hijacking every corner of our consciousness.

As a counteraction I would like to shift the focus to our immediate physical surrounding, to honor our tactile experiences and how we interact with our senses.

The dominating material of the involved instruments is wood, and the instrumental set up is also augmented with objects with natural wooden surfaces. The physical actions of the piece ranges from sources inside the body, sounds that are produced only with breathing or voice, through the interaction of the inside body and instrument, to the outside tactile experience of hands and natural surfaces.

Inuti is a Swedish word that means “within” or “inside” but it consists of three words: in (meaning in or inwards), ut (meaning out, or outwards) and i (meaning inside) representing the constant relation among our internal and external sensory experiences.

PUBLISHER: Svensk Musik