Faint Noise

A concert entitled “Faint Noise and Timbres of Twilight” in 2011 introduced the musicians Anna Petrini, Karin Hellqvist and Malin Bång as a trio constellation. The unique instrumentation with violin, recorders (including the Paetzold contrabass recorder), acoustic objects and electronics has already inspired many composers and the group has premiered around 25 new works. Faint Noise has initiated several artistic and educational collaborations, and they have performed at festivals around Europe such as Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Klang Copenhagen, Sound of Stockholm, Östersjöfestivalen, Kluster Festival Luleå och Berliner Künstler Programm’s 50 years Anniversary.

The members’ experiences from living abroad in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, New York and Oslo has influenced their aim for exploring a variety of international musical expressions of today. This mutual passion inspires Faint Noise to constantly expand the group’s repertoire and to experiment with different aspects of performance.

The Faint Noise members are also active as soloists and composers in many other projects.
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