INSTRUMENTATION: electric quitar quartet



PREMIERE: Fylkingen, Stockholm on April 2010, by KROCK


ABOUT: in my exploration of movement and energy I am zooming in on different organic and mechanic examples from everyday life. Any representation of a dynamic movement pattern can work as a prototype for creating both shorter gestures and longer musical actions. In Spine Reaction the focus is the movement pattern of animals. Cheetahs, squirrels and penguins have been closely inspected in order to document the speed in their movements, how they change from being completely still to a sudden and rapid flight and the size of their gestures during these moments, in combination with the bodies’ switch between being light or heavy. The resilience and the power of the cheetah is contrasted by the precise efficiency of the squirrel and the playful inflexibility of the penguin. The electric guitar has a vast and dynamic range of expression, and the specific character of each movement type is enhanced by tools such as bows, empty aluminium cans, chains and coins.