In Malin Bång’s music, multifaceted urban atmospheres penetrate through compositional structures in a seamless synergy of traditional instruments and everyday found objects, her works revealing themselves as aural field studies of urban modernity.
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Malin Bång is the founding member of Curious Chamber Players and Faint Noise, active both as composer and performer of acoustic objects.


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“I am striving for a balance between the idea of the intimate and fragile and the rough and expressive, in musical actions that often have a strong human, physical connection.“


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Her curiosity provides fuel for the most vital element of her music, the generation and sustaining of energy, often through movement and intensified friction.



New CD released

splinters of ebullient rebellion is a portrait CD with five of Malin Bång’s orchestral works, released by NEOS. The works included are avgår, pågår performed by the WDR Orchestra with conductor Ilan Volkov, Ripost with contrabass soloist Uli Fussenegger, percussion soloist Jonny Axelsson and conductor Peter Rundel and the SWR Orchestra, who is also performing splinters of ebullient rebellion led by Pascal Rophé. Included is also the sinfonietta work Irimi, performed by Klangforum Wien with conductor Enno Poppe. All performances are live concert recordings. The CD was proclaimed “the art music cd of the year” by the Swedish Radio review panel:

Ongoing works

A new longer work for Norwegian ensemble Cikada, premiere in 2025.

A new version of the opera ”I, volcanic” in collaboration with author Mara Lee, for full orchestra, with premiere in Sao Paolo in July 2024.

A new work for guitar and orchestra featuring soloist Frederik Munk Larsen in collaboration with the orchestras SWR Orchester, Odense Symphony Orchestra, and ERSO in Tallinn, premieres in 2026.

A new work for trio Pony Says, premiere in 2025.

Concert season 23/24

This season includes several performances of orchestral pieces such as splinters of ebullient rebellion at Warsaw Autumn in October, and shin-shinai with Münchener Kammerorchester in November. The new piano trio kaolin is premiered by six different piano trios in the context of ARD Wettbewerb. In November the ensemble piece palinode is part of the festival Ljubljana New Music Forum. In July 2024 the opera I, volcanic will have a new premiere with full orchestra at Theatro Municipal in São Paulo, Brazil.

As a tutor Malin Bång will be present both at Danish New Music Academy in July 2024 and at Festival Contrasti in Trento in August 2024. Malin continues her position at the master program Experimental Composition and Creation, and at the bachelor program of composition, both at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.