INSTRUMENTATION: flute, clarinet, female voice, piano, violin, cello



PREMIERE: September 10th 2005 at L’Abbaye de Royaumont, France, by Ensemble Contrechamps (Switzerland), conducted by Jurjen Hempel

COMMISSION: composed for ”Voix Nouvelles 2005”, Royaumont, France

ABOUT: In ”Faces and Moon Splinters” I explore a sound world of fragile and intimate gestures, and contrasting expressive and harsh material. The starting point of the piece is related to different types of movements. I am fascinated by the different ways of increasing and diminishing speed in people’s everyday life. I chose four contrasting examples – wind, a bike, a squirrel and a machine –  and constructed a speed chart with different variations according to their ways of moving. I composed musical fragments which are influenced by this chart and F. García Lorca’s poem “the Fable and Round of the Three Friends”.  The poem describes the miserable lives of Enrique, Lorenzo and Emilio and gives images of their life situations in the states of ‘being frozen’, ‘being buried’, and ‘burned’.

PUBLISHER: Babelscores