INSTRUMENTATION: piccolo flute, bass clarinet, percussion/writing pad, inside piano/typewriter, tabletop guitar, violin, cello



PREMIERE: December 5th, 2017 at Porgy and Bess, Wien, by Curious Chamber Players, conducted by Rei Munakata

COMMISSION: Deutschlandfunk

ABOUT: symptoms indicating that the planet is becoming worn out are flooding in from everywhere around the globe – the Arctic glaciers are melting, new summer heat records are set in India, the Kiribati islands are slowly sinking into the ocean, the Amazonas are rapidly decreasing. Since the 1950:ies many parameters that are important for human well being show a dramatic accelerating change – carbon oxide, methane, deforestation, land degradation, overfishing. The world population has grown from 2 million people around 10 000 years ago to 7 billion today. We are at the moment entering the sixth phase of extinction with species of animals disappearing 114 times faster than normally. With the climate becoming warmer, degree by degree we are getting closer to end of this phase. The plant world is already aware of this. Jasmonates are the warning signals plants send out when they are threatened by poor environmental conditions.