INSTRUMENTATION: eng. hn, b. cl, ten. sax, tbn, perc, hp, pi, vln, vla, vlc, cb



PREMIERE: February 9th, 2013 at the Impuls Festival in Graz, Austria, by Klangforum Wien.

COMMISSION: Impuls Festival

ABOUT: Irimi, composed for Klangforum Wien, focuses on the interaction of different body movements and the sound of instrument surfaces. Most instruments are made in a combination of wood and metal, but we rarely explore the rich sound possibilities of the wooden and metallic surfaces themselves. Just as percussion timbres are created by techniques of brushing, tapping, rubbing and bowing, the instrumental materials can be enhanced by a similar approach. The precision and organic flow of body movements in the Japanese martial arts Aikido influence both the motion of gestures through the ensemble, and the methods of creating the instrumental sound. The active stillness and focused energy in combination with explosive outbursts of controlled motion create series of contrasting dialogues with the exploration of wooden and metal timbres in focus.