INSTRUMENTATION: tenor saxophone, trombone, percussion 1, percussion 2, piano, accordion, contrabass. Performers alternate instrumental playing with playing objects and room surfaces.



PREMIERE: November 29th, 2010 in Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden, as part of the project “Composed Rooms” by KammarensembleN

COMMISSION: KammarensembleN/Konstnärsnämnden

ABOUT: is it possible to create a concrete interaction between room and music? This was the initial issue when we created the project Composed Rooms. Can the music be dependent on the room to exist and vice versa? In encrusted the sounds from metal, glass, stone and wood are entwined from the interaction of instruments, sound objects and surfaces of the performance room. These materials are all common as construction elements in rooms of various types and the score is designed to shape the music with the special character of each new room itis performed in. The instruments have been explored with focus on the different timbral possibilities of the wood and metal materials in the instrument bodies.

Encrusted suggests a material that is covered by a thin surface, just like the stone walls of Liljevalch’s sculpture hall, where the world premiere of the work took place. You also associate to a material whose surface is slowly changing over time, in this case it is the room transforming from its visual and mute appearance into becoming an audible body of sounds.