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Vita dei Fiori



Instrumentation: guitar and contrabass

Durata: 5’20

Premiere: in June 2000, on tour in Paris, by Georg Gulyas (guitar) and Ida Bach-Jensen (contrabass). Also performed by Patrik Karlsson and Putte Frick Meyer and recorded by the Swedish Radio at Västerås Konserthus, 8:th of March 2003.

Program note: 
A sunny day in year 2000 I was watching a lily in a vase on my kitchen table. In the early morning it showed only a small bud, later in the morning the flower started to open up and during the afternoon it was in colourful blossom. Later during the evening the lily was already fading. In a state of solemnity and melancholy I followed this rapid process. I found it both fascinating and frightening to experience how the form of a lifetime is the same, quite regardless of whether you are a flower or a human. The only difference would be the dimensions of your own points of reference…

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