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twilight collider



twilight collider was made in collaboration with flutist Sabine Vogel and programmer Fredrik Olofsson.

Instrumentation: Flute/bass flute and live electronics

Durata: ca 12’

Premiere: 10:th of October 2004, Ultima Festival, Oslo, by Sabine Vogel and Malin Bång. Performance 8:th of December in Fylkingen at EMS 40 Years Anniversery, Stockholm. Live broadcasted in the Swedish Radio.

Commission: Swedish Concert Institute and EMS

Program note:
”If you have some boiling water and put cold water or ice into it, the boiling water calms down, but you haven’t totally extinguished the waters potential to boil.”   Lama Yeshe

The central idea of this piece were different aspects of dualism, both as a conception but also in a musical sense; the relation between the flute and the electronics; the combination of direct flute and bass flute sounds and the sounds emerging from the microphone inside the flute, and the composed material in dialogue with improvised ending of the piece.

The piece is the result of a close collaboration with flutist Sabine Vogel, and the starting point was a very detailed recording of a "sound catalogue" made up by all the special playing techniques Sabine Vogel has used to create her unique and expressive flute sound world. The use of a microphone inside the flute brings out intimate expressions with a rich texture and density, which is used for gurgling and growling sounds, as well as for fragile singing and tongue clicks. The electronics consist of multiple layers of flute sounds, generating active structures of increasing and diminishing energy levels.

Score and soundfiles: contact the composer