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revival in relievo


Instrumentation: bass clarinet, piano, percussion, sound objects, violin, cello

Durata: 5 ’30

Premiere: June 18th, 2009 at Fylkingen, Stockholm, as part of Curious Chamber Players' German Tour. Also performed at Swedish Embassy in Berlin on June 29th, 2009 and at Franz Ludwig Gymnasium in Bamberg on July 1:st 2009

Program note: The piece is a relief to the piece Perpetual Revival, founded on the same musical material, but in this piece is expanded in different ways, involving the use of sound objects.

The starting point of the piece is the Benedictus movement in John Taverner’s ”Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas” from the 16th century. The cantus firmus is divided in six parts which all are represented in a short musical tableau. In each tableau I explore the relations and the boundaries between noise, energy levels, human voices and the fragmented melody. These melodic fragments keep reappearing in different tempi and registers throughout the piece, just as this cantus firmus has been celebrated in different musical ways during the centuries.

Score and parts: contact the composer