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Rain Worm Race


Instrumentation: 4 1st violins, 4 2nd violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos, 1 contrabass

Durata: 10’06

Premiere: 9:th of December 2002 in Växjö, Sweden by Musica Vitae and conductor Michael Bartosch. Also performed at Royal Academy of Music 10:th of December 2002, and by Trinity College Orchestra, London, 21:st of April, 2003

Program note: 
When rain worms are racing, it is usually hard as a spectator to follow where they are heading. They wriggle close together and take turns in being followers and leaders. One worm might find something more interesting along the race, and wants to rest at that spot for a while before continuing. The surprising aspect of this race is the lack of a predestined destination, which means that every worm can decide for itself whether and when it has reached the final goal.

Score and parts: contact the composer