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More than a Hero



Instrumentation: Version 1: Female voice and guitar
                        aaVersion 2: Female voice and harp

Durata: ca 7’

Version 1: the 8th of September 2004 at Ängelsberg Art Gallery by Maria Keohane (voice) and Patrik Karlsson (guitar)

Version 2: the 7th of May, 2005 at Fylkingen, Stockholm by Karolina Blixt (voice) and Lotta Jacobson (harp)

Commission: Patrik Karlsson

Program note:

He is more than a hero                                               He is a god in my eyes –                                                              
The man who is allowed                                                    
To sit beside you – he                                                Who listens intimately                                       
To the sweet murmur of                                              Your voice, the enticing
Laughter that makes my own          
Heart beat fast…


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