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La Luna, Luna (ensemble)


Instrumentation: flute/bass flute and chamber ensemble: flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone and string quintet
Durata: 13’30

Premiere: 4:th of April 2003, Musikhochschule, Lübeck, Germany. Ensemble Lübeck Musikhochschule, conductor Rei Munakata. Also performed at SAMI house, Stockholm, 10:th of June 2003.

Program note:
The words from the poem ”The Ballad of the Moon, the Moon” became my first encounter with the poet Federico García Lorca. Since then I have returned to the poem many times and I have always been fascinated by the strong symbolic world, the focused expression and the dramatic form. I have used the themes of the poem and the construction of the form to influence my piece concerning the harmony, the instrumentation and the form. I was inspired by the restless and ominous atmosphere suggesting the imminent tragedy, in contrast to the carefree playfulness of the moon.

“La Luna, Luna” was composed in collaboration with flutist Annette Schmidt, for our exame concerts; mine at the Royal College of Stockholm and Annette’s at the Music Academy of Lübeck, Germany.

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