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La Grande Vita dei Fiori


Instrumentation: percussion, harp, harpsichord, piano, violin, cello

Durata: 7’ 15

Premiere: 7th of May, 2005 at Fylkingen, Stockholm, by Curious Chamber Players and conductor Rei Munakata.

Commission: composed for Curious Chamber Players

Comment: This is the ensemble version of the piece ”Vita dei Fiori”, which was originally composed for guitar and contabass in 2000. I have used my artistic freedom during the translation procedure, so I would say that this is more an independant work than just an instrumentation of the original piece.

Program note:
A sunny day in year 2000 I was watching a lily in a vase on my kitchen table. In the early morning it showed only a small bud, later in the morning the flower started to open up and during the afternoon it was in colourful blossom. Later during the evening the lily was already fading. In a state of solemnity and melancholy I followed this rapid process. I found it both fascinating and frightening to experience how the form of a lifetime is the same, quite regardless of whether you are a flower or a human. The only difference would be the dimensions of your own points of reference…

Score: La Grande Vita dei Fiori.pdf
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