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bakom, bortom



Collaboration with poet Bengt Emil Johnson.

Instrumentation: one speaker and one player of various objects and live electronics

Durata: 11’20

Premiere: February 23rd, 2006 by Bengt Emil Johnson and Malin Bång at Kilen, Kulturhuset
in Stockholm.

Commission: Sveriges Radio, Radioteatern

Program note: 
Bengt-Emil’s text is at the same time playful, humorous and very thoughtful. He brings up the ambiguity of finding ones identity in today’s complex society, and puts this in relief to the basic elements of nature such as light, wind, water and soil. His text inspired me to produce sounds from objects which you associate with these natural resources and the way we can be using them today, to brighten up our everyday life. The air is represented by a big balloon and the water by a pot filled with water and a straw to make bubbles. “Angel chimes” is a golden construction of three angels who rotate from the heat of candles underneath, at the same time beating two bells with their small mallets in a steady loop.  The angel chimes correspond to the fire and a cup of various stones and shells symbolizes the soil.

Score and soundfiles: contact the composer

Link: interview with Malin Bång and Bengt-Emil Johnson at: