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avenue gardens



Instrumentation: Symphony orchestra (youth orchestra): 4 fl, 3 ob (ob 3 also harmonica), 3 cl, 2 bsn, 4 hn (horn 4 also mini accordeon), 3 tpt (tpt 3 also mini accordeon), 3 tbn, tuba, perc. (1 player), 1 vlns (one player also thumb piano), 2 vlns, vlas, (one player also thumb piano), vlcs (one player also thumb piano).

Durata: 10’

Premiere: May 24th, 2008, Nikolai Kyrka, Örebro, during the RUM festival by Lunds Ungdomsorkester, with conductors Carin Hallberg and Jan Svensson.

Commission: RUM/Rikskonserter

Program note:
Urban life with noisy streets, animated avenues, huge crowds of peoples and a non-stop flow of continuous activities. At the same on a roof top, behind an old fence or around a street corner another world is hidden; small oasis of different kinds – a terrace, a small secret garden, a park with a playground and a pond for the urban birds. Here you can retreat and just relax and the present is the only existing time. In Avenue Gardens these two states meet – sometimes in juxtaposition or entwined and at other occasions one of them is in complete focus, just as life an ordinary day in a big city…

Score and parts: conctact the composer.