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Projects 2006: January-July

February, 23rd
World premiere of bakom, bortom at Kilen, within the Stockholm New Music Festival. The piece is a collaboration with the poet Bengt Emil Johnson, and was commissioned by the Swedish Radio.

March, 3rd
Performance of Faces and Moon Splinters at Artisten, Göteborg at the Siren Festival.

The conclusion period of the two year research project at Göteborg University. Results in a dissertation on intensity and time perception in contemporary art music.


Projects 2006: August-December

August, 15th
Presentation of Malin’s work at L’Abbaye de Royaumont, outside of Paris, at the choreography composition course.

August, 27th
Performance of Faces and Moon Splinters, by ensemble Figura, conducted by Erik Jakobsson, at the UNM Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.