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Projects 2004: January-July

March, 13th
Curious Chamber Players’ concert “Var har du varit så länge?” at Historiska Muséet, Stockholm. …när korpen vitnar is performed by violinist George Kentros and world premiere for “Nowaco” for six instruments in any combination.



Projects 2004: August-December

The theatre monologue/concert Rebekkas saga is staged at the National Theatre in Oslo. The music was composed/arranged for singer, string quartet and percussion in collaboration with Rebekka Karijord in 2001, as a commission by the Theatre Academy in Stockholm.

October, 12th
World Premiere of Twilight Collider for flute/bass flute and electronics, performed by flutist Sabine Vogel (DE), at Ultima Festival in Oslo, a commission by EMS (Electronic Music in Sweden).

November, 21st
Curious Chamber Players’ 1 year birthday celebration at Fylkingen, Stockholm. Performance of the ensemble piece Sanguine Sand (conductor Rei Munakata) and …när korpen vitnar by violinist George Kentros.

November, 21st
Performance of Twilight Collider at the 40 year anniversary celebration of EMS.